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BAD OMENS share video for 'Burning Out (Unplugged)'

Putting a face to the entrancing hymn with visuals from Yosemite.


Fresh off the release of the FGBGFM Unplugged (Sumerian Records) EP, which stripped down fan favorite gems from Finding God Before God Finds Me (2019), LA's BAD OMENS share a band-filmed video for Burning Out (Unplugged). The blissful atmosphere of Yosemite National Park made for the perfect backdrop to an otherwise solemn take on the track, the likes of which sports Noah Sebastian's soaring voice alongside the chimes of the acoustic guitar. As if the song itself didn't already put you at ease, the video will further do the trick.

BAD OMENS frontman Noah Sebastian comments on the video:

"Toward the end of last year, we went to Yosemite with our roommates and our good friend Dana to clear our heads and get away from the madness that is LA, even more so in a pandemic. After what felt like the shortest year ever once touring was shut down, it was a breath of fresh air (literally) to get out of the house again and to such a beautiful place, no less. On our last day we drove around Bass Lake and found a pull off with an amazing fall view. Still having an acoustic video to shoot, as well as Orie and Dana and their cameras, and an acoustic guitar, we figured what better way to immortalize the memory of that moment and trip than to shoot it there on the spot."

Stream Burning Out (Unplugged) below and order FGBGFM HERE.



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