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BEDSORE / MORTAL INCARNATION release staggering 'split'

The finest from the Italian and Japanese undergrounds collide for a massive feat.

Bedsore, Photograph by Francesco Maria Pepe

Quality over quantity, always, and what Bedsore and Mortal Incarnation have delivered with their split is exactly that - quality. Though divided by continents, the two bands come together to craft an expansive, 30-minute split that exemplifies the elite craftsmanship that both bands are capable. The perplexing Manuel Tinnemans cover is but a perfect visual representation for what's embodied here as each band invests a wealth of elements that twist and turn a keen listener. If split releases are something you categorize towards the end of the year, this Bedsore / Mortal Incarnation choice is sure to top it. It's available now via 20 Buck Spin.

Stream the split below and pre-order your copy of it HERE via the label.

death metal
Mortal Incarnation, 2022

dark art
Cover Artwork by Manuel Tinnemans


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