Behind the Cover: FOSCOR - Els Sepulcres Blancs

Dissecting decades of thought through atmospheric metal.

The trilogy of Modernisme initiated by Catalan's FOSCOR now has a proper second chapter with Les Sepulcres Blancs, further exploring the cultural movements of yesteryear and applying them to life as it stands. Picking up where Les Irreals Visions (2017) left off, the atmospheric metal unit harness personal and global struggle for a record that displays an arrayed sonic palette. seamlessly merging sound elements for one cohesive listen. Though musically triumphant, the cover itself however hides pain beneath the somber and mystique of photographer Deborah Sheedy's work. This is a band requesting rebirth on all ends and with days having passed since the album's arrival, many will agree when one says that FOSCOR have hit that musical rebirth.

We talk to Joan of FOSCOR, photographer Deborah Sheedy, and illustrator Maria Picassó i Piquer for an in-depth look beneath the white veil fronting the wonder that is Els Sepulcres Blancs:

Since releasing Les Irreals Visions, much has happened on both a global scale and in your own personal lives. Do any of these external and internal factors affect the conceptual approach to the trilogy you began two years ago?

Joan: Must admit that some of the things we lived here in Catalonia during autumn 2017 have clearly affected the way I faced some lyrics and the topic development, but in general terms, everything was drawn before when we opened this new era as a band with “Les Irreals Visions”.

We speak of this album as part of a trilogy because its general concept responds to the 3 premises set from reinterpreting the end of the XIX century cultural movement so called Catalan Modernism in literature, son and evolution of Decadentism.

For those artists, a new balance and dialogue between the beyond and the here should be reached as far as they felt not belonging in a sick society so similar to what happens these days. A new attitude and sight over the world for which:

-Common things must acquire a new meaning

-Visual things, a new secret appearance

-The already known, the dignity of the unknown

Let’s say that watching and being part of a peaceful collective being beaten for voting, among many other traumatic things from then on (politicians in jail and a never ending pressure over an ideology, also disappointment for many things) had its consequences on me while writing the lyrics. We, as a band, have always tried to treat and deal with reality in a poetical way, using metaphors and so. We don’t deal with an objective reality, but the effects it generates on us, as humans.