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Still Firing: Power Trip in Los Angeles

The last of three Southern California performances was a beacon of hope as grand as it needed to be.

power trip, power trip tour, fonda theatre.
Photograph by Raymond Camacho

Text, Photos by Raymond Camacho (@punk_monk_ray) at

The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on June 9, 2024:

When the passing of frontman Riley Gale became well known, the music world began began to grieve for we had lost one of the most charismatic, well intentioned people known to command a stage. In the years since that heart breaking moment, Power Trip have sat idle and allowed for one another's mourning, reflection, and resilience, a resilience that has escalated to an anticipated return to the live show. On June 6, the Texas unit hit The Glasshouse in Pomona for the first of three Southern California shows that would mark their great return, followed by a performance at the No Values Festival in Pomona and a concluding set at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. We were among those present at The Fonda to document a cathartic night signaling a new beginning for the much loved Power Trip.

Performing in Riley's absence was vocalist Seth Gilmore of Skourge and Fugitive fame, a fitting addition to the band's fold given the Texas affiliation and camaraderie that exists among the band members. For those with any doubt, Seth delivered big and maximized every ounce of space afforded to him on the venue stage.

Soul Sacrifice, a massive opener, bled right into Executioner's Tax and off we went into a turbulent night. Joyous aggression filled the room as circle pits opened up at the center and crowd surfers began to float up above. The dual guitars of Blake Ibanez and Nick Stewart were razor sharp throughout as was the rumbling bass work of the head swinging Chris Whetzel. Chris Ulsh kept The Fonda pulsing, battering away as the band's killer stage banner loomed overhead. Firing Squad, Hornet's Nest, and Nightmare Logic among other fan favorites were met by enthusiasm on a united front. Fans sang along, word for word, and kept the place jumping from beginning to end — a sure sign of a good time for both the band and those in attendance.

power trip, power trip tour, fonda theatre.
Photograph by Raymond Camacho

Reignited and back like they never left, everyone on stage exhibited an infectious energy matching the intensity of the soundtrack being played. The galloping Divine Apprehension stirred the many while Manifest Destination put the finishing touch on a grand return we'll all remember. Eager for more, The Hammer of Doubt brought them back for an encore that delivered one final rush of blood the sold-out Fonda.

Power Trip's three So Cal shows were more than a moment of temporary satisfaction for those looking to see the band live again, but a beacon of hope for those invested within the band's trailblazing trajectory. The band's passion was visible, and they left it all on the line after a tumultuous moment. With a newfound energy fueling this new cycle of Power Trip, we remain excited to see what comes out of it all. For now, we have an electrifying night at The Fonda to look back on while Nightmare Logic (2017) gets heavy play in the background.

Head below for a photo gallery of the special night, and never forget...

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power trip, power trip tour, fonda theatre.


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