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Bell Witch Announces Vinyl Repress of Mirror Reaper

Get your hands on one of the best records released in 2017.

Seattle's doom metal duo Bell Witch, consisting of bassist/vocalist Dylan Desmond and drummer/organist/vocalist Jesse Shreibman, captivated many with their towering release Mirror Reaper (2017). The emotional and melancholic record took on great weight following the loss of former drummer Adrian Guerra, who passed away during the recording sessions.

The band comment the following:

“The title ‘Mirror Reaper’ is indicative of the Hermetic axiom ‘As Above, So Below,’ written with two sides to form one whole. The song is both its own and its reflection, as an opposite is whole only with its contrary. Our focus as a band has always been the perception of ghosts and the implied archetype of the dichotomy of life/death therein. ‘Mirror Reaper’ is a continuation of that concept.

The record is being repressed on vinyl and is now available via the Profound Lore webstore here. There are two new color variants (Light Aquatic, Dark Aquatic) available limited to 500 copies each, which can you see below.

Catch the mighty Bell Witch on tour if you have a chance, who will be playing Mirror Reaper in its entirety accompanied by Erik Moggridge and his feature length video.


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