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BEWITCHER announce new album 'Cursed Be Thy Kingdom'

Putting black 'n roll on a pedestal with a Paolo Girardi cover to die for.


Of the numerous hotspots for elite metal, the Pacific Northwest is one that continues to deliver and Portland's BEWITCHER are no exception. Their 2019 debut, Under The Witching Cross, came illustrated by the renowned Mariusz Lewandowski and set the stage for a promising presence in the metal ranks. The black 'n roll titans have now crafted their sophomore effort, Cursed Be Thy Kingdom. Arriving on April 16th via Century Media, Cursed Be Thy Kingdom comes adorned by a twisted Paolo Girardi cover that one would consider to be apt given the band's malevolent craft.

Frontman M. von Bewitcher comments on the cover:

“We summoned the mighty Paolo Girardi to deliver us a cover that visually depicted a few of the lyrical themes within the album. It has a Renaissance-era vibe to it, but it also incorporates some nods to the band’s past. It’s filled with all kinds of omens, harbingers, and all that cool dark, evil looking shit that is a necessity in any heavy metal album cover of merit! Get your dose of black magic on April 16th, when Cursed Be Thy Kingdom is finally turned loose upon the world!“

Stream the lead single Satanic Magick Attack below and stay tuned for pre-orders.

Cover art by Paolo Girardi


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