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BLACK CURSE lay the infernal path to an 'Endless Wound'

Denver's deadliest collide for an all out blackened death metal showing.


Consisting of core members of BLOOD INCANTATION, KHEMMIS, SPECTRAL VOICE, and PRIMITIVE MAN is BLACK CURSE, Denver's new and premiere blackened death metal unit. If you're remotely familiar with any of the above bands, you'd know this is a powerhouse of a unit worth your every bit of engagement. Five years since their inception and the band is now ready to let loose their debut record Endless Wound, out on April 24th via Sepulchral Voice Records.

Composed after much patience and true focus, Endless Wound was born and is chocked full of savagery and grandiose intensity. In a world where black and death metal flood the release schedules, this particular effort stands tall among them all with singles Charnel Rift and Enraptured by Decay to speak truth to that. The echoing vocals layered over the razor sharp riffing add a malevolent aura to the relentless Enraptured by Decay while Charnel Rift transcends the physical medium with an abundance of tremolo picked fretwork. Place this one high on your anticipated lists for it will shatter your expectations for extreme music.

Stream the hellish Charnel Rift and Enraptured by Decay below and order yours HERE.

Cover art by Denis Forkas


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