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BLEED FROM WITHIN announce new album 'Shrine' + share new single

The Scottish ensemble ascend higher with a monstrous entry in their respected discography.

Few labels are having a great a year as Nuclear Blast Records and with the recent announcement of Bleed From Within's Shrine, that statement continues to ring true. June 3rd will see the release of the band's new David Provan-illustrated record, which comes introduced by their towering single, Levitate. It's grandiose in its approach and lets its sheer power invigorate listeners in ways only few bands can. This is one you'll want to keep on your radar.

Bleed From Within comment:

“’Shrine’ is the sonic embodiment of the dedication to our craft, representing everything that we’ve been through to stand where we are today. By far our most challenging album to complete, ‘Shrine’ is a testament to our resilience. It is clear recognition of what we’ve been able to accomplish so far, but also a taste of our potential as we continue this journey.

As we fought through the writing process, we were continually fueled by society's darkest moments. The lies. The inequality. The violence. We just couldn’t comprehend it. Ultimately, ‘Shrine’ was our outlet for the anger that we felt as we bore witness to the chaos. It listened as lockdowns tested our resolve, and gave us a reason to get out of our beds in the morning.

We are never finished. We are in a constant state of self-improvement as the band continues, so up until this point, we can honestly say that ‘Shrine’ is truly our finest work. It is everything we’ve ever wanted to accomplish as a band, and it has inspired us beyond belief. We start this campaign knowing that this is our greatest accomplishment, our proudest moment, and soon to be our biggest album. For all those that continue to support us, this is for you. This is ‘Shrine’.”

Experience Shrine below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

bleed from within
Cover Artwork by David Provan

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