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BÖLZER ready a masterpiece in progressive instrumentation with "Lese Majesty"

The next chapter in the Swiss duo's reign throughout the underground.

Progressive masterminds Fabian Wyrsch (drums) and Okoi Jones (guitars) were born out of passion and creative curiosity to form BÖLZER, who deliver a unique and richly layered take on progressive metal. With just over a decade residing among underground metal greats, the band break free and cement themselves at the peak with Lese Majesty, the highly anticipated new mini album set to arrive on November 29th via the band's newly formed abel Lightning & Sons.

BÖLZER comment of the forthcoming release:

"We have been far from idle these past few years, having followed 'Hero' and his predecessors to many corners of the world, heeding the call. Furthermore, we have also quietly initiated a number of humble steps towards greater independence by establishing our own label Lightning & Sons, whilst entering an inspiring working relationship with the phenomenal individuals at AISA Music, who now handle all our distribution and web store logistics worldwide. Thank you Simon, Mélanie, Luis and team for your enthusiastic belief in this project!

It is then with joy and sated anticipation that we may grant our fifth offering 'Lese Majesty' international release on November 29th, 2019 and present those ears willing with a song fresh from the forge."

With their own label to back them, BÖLZER find themselves barred from any musical restriction and thus, the music is representative of their own heart and soul, as displayed throughout the 4-track Lese Majesty. To ready audiences for the impending release, the band have made available the opening track A Shepherd In Wolven Skin. The wondrous ten-stringed guitar and grandiose percussion by way of Wyrsch are welcomed once more for true progressive explosiveness. In true BÖLZER fashion, there are no conventional song structures as the band set forth a constantly changing and truly dynamic body of work. It goes without saying that Lese Majesty is Picasso in metal form.

Stream A Shepherd In Wolven Skin below and pre-order your copy HERE.


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