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BOTANIST announce new album 'Photosynthesis'

Fittingly represented by a living and breathing visual approach.

Photograph by Siren Sea Media

Behind the intricately designed Woodland Shrine masks lies one of post-metal's most unique acts, that being San Francisco's BOTANIST. The duo return to The Flenser for their newly announced full-length Photosynthesis, which arrives on October 30th.

Photosynthesis explores photosynthesis with each conceptual track taking on an aspect of the biological process, all of which depict the world's forests as a core entity in our globe's survival. Musically, it continues Otrebor's use of the electrified hammered dulcimer, a traditional Celtic instrument, and introduces the musical prowess of Tony Thomas (DAWNS OF OUROBOROS, SENTIENT IGNITION) for an array of sound elements.

Stream lead single Water below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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