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BOUND IN FEAR announce new album 'Penance' + share title track

Continuing a visual lineage established by the talented Shindy on their recent EP, Eternal.


In case you ever wondered what it's like to have too much on your mind, take one look at Shindy's cover illustration below and witness the overbearing nature of a decaying state of being. This same sentiment is shared across the record it represents, that being BOUND IN FEAR's newly announced, Penance, which arrives on October 15th via the always brutal Unique Leader Records. Like the unbridled predecessor, Penance arrives unfiltered as a testament of the power invested towards the band's deathcore craft, a craft that explores a slow-burning aggression. Five years since their inception and BOUND IN FEAR have found a sweet spot with the title track of the forthcoming record being a beast in every sense of the word. Frontman Ben Mason is joined by Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution, laying down the hammer with blood-curling grows that are followed by shattering 2 step breakdowns

The band comment on the single:

"‘Penance’ is a song about the people who are supposed to support you through the hardest times turning their backs on you - it’s a song about betrayal. The song depicts the deep feelings of hurt and anger manifesting into dark, twisted fantasies of revenge and how the aftermath of injustice can linger within us as we crave the closure we may never get."

Regarding Nick Arthur's guest performance:

"We are really excited to have Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution on the track - we all looked up to his band and vocals a lot when we were first getting into extreme metal. He is truly a legend of the scene, and we are proud that we can have his brutal vocals as part of our new album!"

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Shindy Design


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