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CALYX announce new album 'Vientos Arcaicos,' track available to stream

A definite face melter.

Brace for battle because Spanish horde CALYX have set the date for their forthcoming debut album Vientos Arcaicos. The effort will arrive on May 17th, 2019 via Iron Bonehead Productions. This triumphant black metal record is one you'll want to add to your must-hear lists.

Vientos Arcaicos is the culmination of years of work and demo after demo. It finds the quartet tapping into the Middle Ages, native legends of the Iberian Peninsula, castles, ruins, Aragonese Pyrenees, and ancient material for a truly powerful black metal release.

Tracklisting for Vientos Arcaios: 1. Intro  2. La venganza de las brujas 3. Asedio Infernal 4. La Sima 5. Bajo el firmamento nocturno 6. Vientos Arcaicos 7. Bosque Muerto 8. Loarre

Stream the first single Loarre on Iron Boneheads's Soundcloud.


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