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Capsule release their relentless 'Ferox' EP

The Miami band's first release in 10 years astounds with a thrilling trio.

capsule ferox, hardcore.
Capsule, 2023

Words by Luis (@HeaviestOfArt):

The year may be winding down, but December still has a few heaters coming at you hard, such as the Ferox EP — the latest from Miami's own Capsule. Though dormant as a unit since 2013, Capsule has re-emerged, brimming with energy reflected in a bombastic trio of songs that bridge elements from across the heavy spectrum to form one massive maelstrom of sound. Though brief in its three tracks, Ferox re-introduces a Capsule primed to enter a new creative stage evolving from 2013's [A] EP (which was just released on vinyl via Robotic Empire and Rorschach Records). The creative gears are turning and Ferox signals a bright return.

The band comments on this new chapter:

"Our priority is to make more music. We'd all be doing that anyway in some form or another, and with Capsule, we can push things as far as we want, both musically and technically. We don't have any expectations other than producing the best art we can."

Opening track, Trash, introduces the band's signature element - a fine use of groove laden melody throughout their riffs. Distinct sound layers coalesce into one shape-shifting beast of a listen that capitalizes on the wealth of talent present within the band's ranks. Drum wise, explosive crashes, vibrant fills, and upbeat drum patterns alternate amidst dueling guitars for one rewarding listen that continues to unfold with each passing minute. The title track comes next and packs an electrifying punch in its 2-minute run time, always fruitful in its delivery. From here we get the slow burning Thermocline to end the EP on a momentous note, one that washes over the lister with loud guitars and head-bang inducing tempo. The musical chops that Ferox displays are a testament to the free flowing creative approach taken by Capsule. This is a band firm on pleasing their creative ambitions, and that they have.

Stream the Ferox EP below.

capsule ferox, hardcore.
"Ferox" (2023) EP Cover Artwork


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