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Cavalera announce re-recording of 'Schizophrenia'

The classic Sepultura album receives new life through this latest rendition, which comes illustrated by Eliran Kantor to complete the "Third World Trilogy".

cavalera schizophrenia, sepultura schizophrenia, eliran kantor.
Photograph by Kevin Estrada

On June 21st, Cavalera will release the re-recorded Sepultura thrash classic, Schizophrenia, via Nuclear Blast Records, following the successful rebirth of Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation. Like the aforementioned gems, Cavalera enlisted Eliran Kantor to put a new face to the album, fitting to the crushing re-recording it represents. The first taste of the Schizophrenia reissue comes in the form of the live music video for Escape To The Void, filmed by Costin Chioreanu & Olivia Chioreanu from the band's performance at 013 Venue in Tilburg, Netherlands, 2023.

Max Cavalera comments:

"The Third World Trilogy is finally complete with Schizophrenia, Bestial Devastation, and Morbid Visions, all three Brazilian underground gems! To me, Schizophrenia is the ultimate death/ thrash experiment! I was inspired to take on the world and this recording shows my commitment is relentless! This one is for all the generations to enjoy! Play at Max volume!"

Iggor Cavalera adds:

“1987 was a very progressive year for metal, with releases like CELTIC FROST Into The Pandemonium, VOIVOD Killing Technology, and BATHORY Under The Sign Of The Black Mark, so it was no surprise on how we approached Schizophrenia pushing our boundaries from a black/death metal sound to a more thrash metal aesthetics. We still had some ideas from Morbid Visions and some new songs. I’m very proud of the songwriting and even more proud of our re-recordings.”

Stream Escape To The Void below and pre-order the record via Nuclear Blast.

cavalera schizophrenia, sepultura schizophrenia, eliran kantor.
Cover Artwork by Eliran Kantor


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