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CELESTIAL SANCTUARY announce new album 'Soul Diminished'

Harnessing from Bolt Thrower and pushing forth a new era in British Death Metal.

Cover art by Wyrmwalk

With a vibrant Wyrmwalk cover to speak for it, CELESTIAL SANCTUARY are ready to issue their debut full length outing, Soul Diminished, to the world. Arriving on March 26th via Redefining Darkness Records (North America) and Church Road Records (Europe), Soul Diminished puts intensity at the forefront of their old school death metal worship, as one could expect given the band's name, which was taken from the 1992 Bolt Thrower classic, The IVth Crusade. The New Wave Of British Death Metal is here and CELESTIAL SANCTUARY are here to help lead the charge.

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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