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CEREMONIAL CASTINGS announce reissue of 'Salem 1692'

Reimagining a cult gem with sadistic visuals to gaze upon.


With a Kris Verwimp-illustrated ritual to speak for it, CEREMONIAL CASTINGS present the re-release of 2008's Salem 1692, putting the power of U.S. black metal on display once more. Official arriving on November 27th via Eisenwald, this new lens on Salem 1692 spotlights the multidisciplinary approach of the original by dialing up the immersive value and giving every instrument the right to shine. Featuring UADA's Jake Superchi and Nate Verschoor, CEREMONIAL CASTINGS is a band that many may have not heard of but should with Salem 1692 being the proper entry point.

UADA bassist Nate Verschoor comments:

"This is a record that holds a lot of mystical energy showcased within its eleven hymns, as they seamlessly weave and flow together as one harmonious entity. Taking into consideration the concept of the album, it’s as if the songs themselves were twisted into form to act as spells and incantations. I say this because the moment the album begins, a presence is immediately felt, and the journey into a time long ago begins to take shape."

UADA's Jake Superchi adds:

"With the turn of a new decade, we who would be sentenced to hang by our own ancestor, felt that not only did this represent our craft best to reintroduce ourselves, but we also would like to remind the world in 2020 of where a witch-hunt can and will lead if not careful with unwise accusations. We are here to show that American black metal does have a history that is tied to a very dark and cruel past. We are here to turn the focus around upon those who would condemn us for who and what we are. This album is for all who still believe in the old ways and who understand the true nature of magick. Together, let us reverse the curse."

Stream Damned Be Those of the Craft below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Kris Verwimp


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