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CEREMONIAL CASTINGS share 'The Devil In Salem'

A bewitching black metal journey through a sadistic time in history.


As we inch closer to the glorious revival of 2008's Salem 1692, CEREMONIAL CASTINGS share The Devil in Salem, the third single from the band's special re-recording, which arrives on November 27th via Eisenwald. It's but one of the many staples found throughout the 11-track gem of a record, guiding listeners through malevolent elegance.

Consisting of Uada's Jake Superchi, Nick Superchi, and Matt Mattern, CEREMONIAL CASTINGS is a unit many have may not heard of, but should. With a Kris Verwimp album cover that harnesses from the subject matter at hand, one would be foolish not to peak into its contents.

Jake Superchi comments:

"Since the beginning of this band in 1996, this was the album we always wanted to make, as we have a deep tie to the events in Salem of 1692. Growing up just west of Salem, my brother Nick and I learned all about the events at a very young age, including that we are in fact direct descendants – however many great grandsons – of Judge John Hathorne, who had sentenced the witches to hang. It is said that one of the girls who was hung had cast a curse on our family's bloodline."

Stream The Devil in Salem below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Kris Verwimp


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