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Chilean fury by way of TARGET's "Deep Water Flames"

Paired with artistry worth gazing.

As we've said multiple times across the site, with great music comes great art and discovering great music beneath the immaculate artistry of an album cover remains a beautiful feeling. Whether it be during a record shelf search or by simply scouring through Spotify, there's a genuine surprise that comes with coming across a band of your liking through art. Chile's TARGET confirm said statement by pairing their progressive heaviness with Dehn Sora's artistic prowess on Deep Water Flames, captivating listeners on both the visual and sonic aspect.

Released at the start of the year by Australis Records, the band's sophomore outing expands on their debut record Knot of Centipedes (2011) with a more refined and robust take on technical death metal. Vast in it's scope of progressive heaviness, Deep Water Flames finds success in it's fret work, capturing the rage of the fiery seas through eloquent riffage and solo work. Piña's screams are aptly backed by the Arias double bass pedal work while Castro's bass rumbles down under. It takes but one listen of Drowned In Everlasting Mantra to win you over. With countless albums still pending on your listening lists, we'd recommend you move Deep Water Flames way up the ladder.

Stream Deep Water Flames in full below and get your copy HERE via Bandcamp.

Cover art by Dehn Sora


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