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CHOIR BOY ease the pain with the upbeat 'Toxic Eye'

The second single from the group's impending sophomore record.

Photograph by Karen Judith Davis

Leave it to Salt Lake City's CHOIR BOY to make light of negative circumstances with hymns that move the senses. Lyrically dark yet sonically radiant, new single Toxic Eye serves as a conduit for happiness while all else is failing. This brilliant offering makes up part of the quartet's new album Gathering Swans, set to release on May 8th via Dais Records. With the angelic vocals of Adam Klopp to guide you through life's tribulations, one is sure to live at ease.

Frontman Klopp comments on the single:

"What can be done when paranoia and negativity pervade every aspect of your life? You feel burdensome to loved ones and the planet is clearly doomed. Toxic Eye provides a simple solution: Gouge your toxic eye".

Stream Toxic Eye below and pre-order your copy of Gathering Swans HERE.



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