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CHOIR BOY returns with the infectious new offering 'Complainer'

Hailing from the band's label debut.


When last year's Nites Like This single arrived, Salt Lake City's CHOIR BOY set the course for a magnificent full-length to come, clearing doubts for any who questioned how could one follow-up the excellence of 2016's Passive With Desire to great success. With this week's release of new single Complainer, the Adam Klopp-led ensemble have yet again set the bar for dream-like compositions. The single comes accompanied by the announcement of the band's new album Gathering Swans, out May 8th via Dais Records.

Complainer serves as a staple of what makes CHOIR BOY's hymns worthy of painting a smile on anyone's face. Though sad at heart, the upbeat synth and ethereal vocal performance present on the track provide a contrast capable of making one dance through life's shortcomings. There's no question as to why INTERPOL, KAT VON D, and MATT SKIBA are all on board with the CHOIR BOY hype.

Frontman Adam Klopp on Complainer:

"The song marks a shift in lyrical tone from previous releases. While many of our earlier songs serve as flowery lamentations of loss and grief, 'Complainer' snarkily examines the self absorption of sadness. The opening line Oh my life was something I privately uttered while stewing over daily anxieties. It became comical to me that I would express my self pity like that, in earnest when my struggles seemed so relatively tame.  The song continues, It's a phrase so funny when it's spoken so sincere. But it's not that bad, I've never really had it worse. I'm just a complainer. 'Complainer' multi-tasks as a pop song and a reminder to keep my privilege in check."

Stream Complainer below and pre-order your copy HERE via Dais Records.



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