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Cirith Ungol announce new album 'Dark Parade' + share lead single

Whelan and heavy metal meet again for one raging new affair.

cirith ungol, new cirith ungol, heavy metal
Photograph by Peter Beste

On October 20th, Ventura's heavy metal icons Cirith Ungol return to release Dark Parade — the band's sixth full-length record — via Metal Blade Records. In true Cirith Ungol fashion, the art of Michael Whelan returns front and center, offering a glorious entry point expanded upon by lead single, Velocity (S.E.P.). The band will give Dark Parade its live debut at a record release show taking place at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on October 20th. Tickets for the show are available now.

Stream Velocity (S.E.P.) below and pre-order Dark Parade via Metal Blade.

michael whelan, cirith ungol dark parade, cirith ungol
Cover Artwork by Michael Whelan

cirith ungol record release show, heavy metal


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