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CIRITH UNGOL announce new EP 'Half Past Human' + share lead single

Reigniting the flame of past years with Whelan at the artistic helm once more.

cirith ungol michael whelan
Cover art by Michael Whelan

Just about a year from their latest trailblazing full-length, Forever Black, the legendary CIRITH UNGOL return with a jam packed new EP, Half Past Human. Arriving on May 28th via their longtime partners at Metal Blade Records, Half Past Human isn't a set of entirely new songs, rather, it's an EP brings together hidden gems from across the CIRITH UNGOL discography under a new and reimagined light. Among those is the electrifying Brutish Manchild, which sets the stage for the glory that CIRITH UNGOL set forth on Half Past Human. There's no slowing down the band's newly founded upward momentum and we're all here to see it continue to rise. You just can't tame their thunder!

Stream Brutish Manchild below and pre-order your copy of the EP HERE.



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