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CLOAKROOM announce new album 'Dissolution Wave' + share lead single

The space-rock trio craft the most serene thing you'll hear today.

Photograph by Vin Romero

What better way to celebrate a decade of Cloakroom than with a record beaming with soul and space western lyricism that narrate a tale of survival through compositional capabilities? There's nothing quite like it, and even more so because of the heartfelt intention that drove it. The band's sonic maturity and continuing growth has culminated on this week's announcement of new album Dissolution Wave, which arrives on January 28th, 2022 via Relapse Recors and comes introduced by the dreamlike lead single, A Force At Play. It's a gentle number that at times electrifying and at times soothing, the former of which is characterized through a lively guitar solo that uplifts the listener upon initial listening. It's the type of track you'll want to add to your morning commute or late night drive as a means of achieving spiritual bliss.

Frontman Doyle Martin comments on the album's thematic concepts and lead single:

“We lost a couple of close friends over the course of writing this record,. Dreaming up another world felt easier to digest than the real nitty-gritty we’re immersed in every day.”

“The miner is talking about ‘bottling lightning beams,’ which is a new take on the old music industry term ‘lightning in a bottle,’ which can pertain to a fire ass track or a good bottle of homemade booze. As you can imagine, bottling lightning is a pretty hard thing to do.”


Stream A Force At Play below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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