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COBRA SPELL announce debut EP 'Love Venom'

Traditional heavy metal as glorious as you remember it.


Consisting of current and ex-members of IDLE HANDS, BURNING WITCHES, and more, COBRA SPELL are a full-fledged unit ready to leave their mark on the contemporary heavy metal ranks. Their debut EP, titled Love Venom, arrives independently on September 4th and sports a brilliant Velio Josto cover, a cover that harnesses the electrifying aura of the Sunset Strip. As you'd expect from the cover alone, Love Venom is a nostalgic thrill ride of STRYPER-like glimmer and infectious riffs. Lead single Poison Bite offers but a taste of the greatness that awaits.

Stream Poison Bite below and pre-order your copy of the EP HERE.

Cover art by Velio Josto


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