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Coffin Birth deliver "The Serpent Insignia"

Embracing the extreme and the old school.

Mediterranean death metallers Coffin Birth have let their devastating debut record The Serpent Insignia loose upon the world via Narcota/Time To Kill Records. The record seamlessly blends old school death metal, rock'n'roll and punk, making for the perfect soundtrack to tear shit up to.

Vocaliist Frank Calleja comments on the record:

The Serpent Insignia is an album which embraces the extreme and old school 'take no prisoners' attitude. It is a deadly infusion of death metal, rock’n’roll, metal and punk, blended together in a rough, dirty, heavy, raw and contaminated sound. There is a sense of unsettling urgency in the songs, an impending dread of disaster looming upon the listener from track to track.
The lyrical themes are varied, ranging from depictions of post-apocalyptic scenarios such as 'Throne of Skulls' and 'Godless Wasteland' to the more philosophical outlook of 'The Serpent Insignia' alongside more story like themes such as 'Sanguinary' and 'Zombie Anarchy.'


01. Throne of Skulls 02. The 13th Apostle 03. Godless Wasteland 04. Red Sky Season 05. Christ infection Jesus Disease 06. From the Dead to the Dead 07. Casket Ritual 08. Sanguinary 09. The Serpent Insignia 10. Zombie Anarchy

The band consists of vocalist Frank Calleja, guitarist Giulio Moschini, guitarist Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse), bassist Marco Mastrobuono, and drummer Davide Billia.

Stream The 13th Apostle below and take home your copy of The Serpent Insignia now via Time To Kill Records.

Cover art by Roberto Toderico


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