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COLD GAWD sign to Dais Records + share new single 'Moving to California in March'

A heavenly way to celebrate the occasion.

Photograph by Devon Cohen

Dais Records now have another gem on their hands with the signing of Cold Gawd, a shoegaze laden post-hardcore group from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. More information on their label debut is forthcoming, but for now, Cold Gawd offer the serene listening experience that is Moving To California In March. It's the ideal track to roam down the highway as the sunsets, offering peace through graceful instrumentation and soothing vocal harmonies.

Cold Gawd comments:

“‘Moving…’ is a song about the anxious feeling that is making— what you think is— the biggest next step of your life. ‘Stay in Chicago?’ ‘Go home?’ You’ll always ask yourself, ‘was that the right move?’ but every day remember why you left.”

Stream Moving To California In March below or in your platform of choice HERE.


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