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CONSUMMATION announce debut album 'The Great Solar Hunter'

A majestic outing by the supergroup of sorts.

Cover art by Artem Grigoryev

Blackened death metal unit CONSUMMATION are set to unleash their debut full-length The Great Solar Hunter on June 7, 2019 via Profound Lore. The Australian ensemble, which consists of frontman Craig Young (ex-Impetuous Ritual), drummer David Hayley (Psycroptic), and bassist/guitarist Joel Rademaker, also features guitarist John Gossard (Dispirit, Weakling) to the stage.

The Great Solar Hunter follows the Ritual Severance (2017) EP in tantalizing fashion, delivering a majestic and monolithic body of work unlike any of the works put out by each member's respective bands. Elongated compositions jam packed with dizzying riffs, bleakness, and cataclysmic elements make up for the short amount of tracks. The record wouldn't be complete without proper artistry to accompany it and Artem Grigoryev (cover art), Alexander Brown (logo), and Epoch Scribe (design) did just that.

The Great Solar Hunter tracklist:

1. Ophidian Crown 2. The Great Solar Hunter 3. Phosphor Libation 4. Apotheoses 5. The Eminent Fires of Sacrifice

Stream the pummeling first offering Phosphor Libation below and keep your eyes peeled for incoming pre-orders.


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