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CONVOCATION announce new album 'Ashes Coalesce'

Harnessing the deadly likes of DISEMBOWELMENT and ESOTERIC.

Cover art by Lauri Laaksonen

Doom and it's many sub-sectors are having a fantastic year with genre greats and newcomers alike delivering exquisite compositions. To add fire to the flame, CONVOCATION have risen to announce their sophomore full-length Ashes Coalesce, which finds the duo tapping into abyss-like atmospheres for a truly crushing funeral doom affair. Consisting of members from DESOLATE SHRINE and DARK BUDDHA RISING, CONVOCATION hold a vast array of influences among their fold, as evident in their expansive and ever evolving take on the desolate genre. Lead single The Absence of Grief speaks to said influences and stands as an ideal taste from the 4-track beast that lies ahead.

Stream The Absence of Grief below and pre-order your copy of this beast HERE.

Logo by Misanthropic Art

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