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CRYPT SERMON announce new album "The Ruins of Fading Light"

Exploring the limits of faith through doom.

Photograph by Scott Kinkade

Four years from the colossal debut outing that is Out of the Garden and CRYPT SERMON are back with the next chapter, The Ruins of Fading Light. The renowned Dark Descent Records will issue in this album of the year contender on September 13th.

After recording a cover of MAYHEM's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, the band set out to put together a record that was darker musically and lyrically, exploring the limits of faith and loss. The odes that make up The Ruins of Fading Light are both thundering and triumphant, carrying forth the torch that past bands like CANDLEMASS and BATHORY left behind. A work of art is but one statement that could describe this massive composition.

The Ruins of Fading Light was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, ETERNAL CHAMPION, SUMERLANDS) at Creep Records.

Frontman Brooks Wilson comments:

“This is a special record for us. First, because it establishes a growing body of work, by which we can measure both our past efforts and our future endeavors. Second, this was a true labor of love. We are not satisfied to create a standard doom or heavy metal album, and so we took our time. There are peaks and valleys that we explored that excite us and we hope will engage the listener. Finally, these songs are crushingly heavy and super fun to perform. We can't wait to share them in our live appearances!”

Wilson adds:

"We live in a time where the practices of science and magic serve distinctly different purposes. This was not always the case. The Italian Renaissance was an age where science and magic intertwined; summoning rituals connected exorcists to esoteric revelations. 'Key of Solomon' refers to a pseudepigraphical text of the same name."

Stream the lead single Key of Solomon below and stay tuned for pre-orders, which go live on July 7th via Dark Descent Records.

Cover art by Brooks Wilson


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