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DARK BUDDHA RISING announce new album 'Mathreyata'

Another force in the Finland's ongoing psychedelic reign.

Photograph by Maija Ajomo

With ORANSSI PAZUZU, POLYMOON, and KAIRON; IRSE! releasing elite records earlier this year, it's safe to say that Finland's psychedelic ranks are in good form. Adding to that ensemble is DARK BUDDHA RISING, who now prepare the arrival of their next full-length, Mathreyata, for November 13th via Svart Records. Brace for their bludgeoning collection of darkness with lead single Sunyaga, which arrives today in anticipation.

DARK BUDDHA RISING's Vesa Ajomo comments:

"Mathreyata follows the visions that were received from Inversum's implosion and is the accession of what we invoked with the II EP. Before completing the great circle, all cycles must be dissolved. In the end we are standing at the edge of the abyss with all our previous work as weights, impatient to dive in. We recorded the basis of the album just before the Waste of Space Orchestra project began and mostly because of that, it took a few years to get it finished. Finally the material that we have performed live for several years can be experienced as a recorded album."

Stream the Dehn Sora-directed video for Sunyaga below and pre-order yours HERE.



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