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DARK TRANQUILITY announce new album 'Moment'

The melo-death titans come forth with a grandiose endeavor.


Despite being 12 full lengths in and several line-up changes later, DARK TRANQUILITY avoid 'phoning it in' and remain a force in the flooded depths of the melodic death metal ranks. Now adding the renowned Christopher Amott (ex-ARCH ENEMY) and Johan Reinholdz (NONEXIST) to their ranks, the unit announce their new record, Moment, to arrive on November 20th via Century Media Records. Like the Swedish Grammy-nominated Atoma (2016), Moment sports soaring melodies at the forefront, guiding listeners on a journey through Niklas Sundin's vibrant terrains.

DARK TRANQUILITY comment of the record:

"It's happening again! We are proud to announce that our 12th album Moment will be released on November 20 worldwide. This has been in the works for a long time and we hope this finds you well and gives some sort of respite in these trying times. Crank up 'Phantom Days' and find the best pre-order option. Cheers from the DT camp."

Stream Phantom Days below and pre-order your beautiful copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Niklas Sundin


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