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DAYSEEKER share moving video for 'Homesick'

The band's standout track gets a vibrant visual to capture its melancholy.

Dayseeker, 2023

Today, Dayseeker release a video for Homesick — a notable track from last year's wondrous full-length, Dark Sun. Like the album it stems from, Homesick is an emotional offering that pulls on heartstrings while boasting an exquisite Rory Rodriguez vocal performance accompanied by glistening instrumentation. Visually, the band find themselves amidst digital screens that alternate in sync with the melody variety.

Frontman Rory Rodriguez comments on the track:

"'Homesick' is Dayseeker's honest attempt at writing something happier. After my father's passing, I was in a rut for a while and there was just this one person that made me feel like it was okay to smile and breathe through one of the darkest periods of my life. Someone that feels like home."

Experience Homesick below and stream/listen Dark Sun.


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