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DEAF CLUB release new album 'Productive Disruption'

The band's boundless aggression hits shelves a year from "The Insurrection".

Throughout the last several months, Deaf Club have been slowly building towards the maelstrom of sound that is Productive Disruption, an uncompromising effort that pulls from all ends of the extreme music arena. Opener For a Good Time, Call Someone Else bombards from the get go as listeners are introduced to a listening experience of grind, crust, death metal, hardcore, punk, and at times industrial capabilities. Standout efforts like Don't Forget To Live, Planet Bombing, Full As A Tick, and New Voodoo showcase the breadth present on the record, a record that was unintentionally created in direct opposition to the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Three One G releases the effort a year from those events today.

Stream Productive Disruption in full below and order your copy HERE.


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