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DEATHWOMB announce new album 'Moonless Night Sacraments,' album cover and first single available

Cavernous black metal from Spain.

There is no shortage of excellent underground heaviness, partly because of labels like Iron Bonehead Productions that constantly deliver the goods. One of these goods includes DEATHWOMB's debut record Moonless Night Sacraments, which is set to arrive on April 19th, 2019 on CD and vinyl LP formats.

The Spanish black metal unit personify ancient, cavernous qualities present throughout underground tapes. If you thoroughly enjoyed BEHERIT's Drawing Down the Moon, early MYSTIFIER, or even Havohej, this one's for you.

Tracklisting for Moonless Night Sacraments: 1. Tablets of Fire 2. Eternal Oaths of Chaos 3. The Primordial One 4. The Ancient Serpent 5. Moonless Night Sacraments 6. God's Servant Laceration 7. Enochian Keys 8. Black Omen 9. Moloch's Domain 10. The Chasm

Stream the single The Ancient Serpent on the Iron Bonehead Soundcloud and get ready to partake in Death Womb's peril.


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