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DECAPITATED announce new album 'Cancer Culture' + share lead single

The upwards trajectory continues with an expansive effort illustrated by Fabio Timpanaro.

The month of May continues to pile on the release dates, making it the strongest release month (so far) from what we can gauge at the time. Add May 27th to that list because Decapitated's Cancer Culture will see the light via Nuclear Blast Records, a record that continues the strength of 2017's Anticult with a comprehensive audiovisual to die for. The talents of Fabio Timpanaro grace the intriguing album cover while the title track arrived alongside the announcement to hammer home the excitement. Maniacal rage, exquisite musical prowess, and bombastic production awaits this thrilling new endeavor.

Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka comments:

"Finally, after so many months of waiting, we got it. The announcement of our brand new album Cancer Culture and a new single is on! The expectations were high, and we also gave ourselves a massive challenge with this album. But I think hard work pays off. We had an opportunity to gather amazing people who took care of the production and helped us deliver the best we could with this album. Again, Jarek Szubrycht (Carnival is Forever) has written amazing lyrics for us about the disproportion between the dreams, ambitions, and aspirations of humanity. The leading engineer of the album was Tomasz Zed Zalewski (Anticult), David Castillo, responsible for mixing the album, and Ted Jensen for the final touch for mastering. For the cover, for the first time, we have worked with Fabio Timpanaro, an Italian artist whose art perfectly describes what we wanted to tell through visual art.

Don't misinterpret the title meaning of the album. It has a much broader context. You will be surprised at what we have delivered this time."

Vogg continues:

"It wasn't easy to pick the first single from Cancer Culture. Each song has this different vibe that we would like to show as soon as possible and be proud of. Since 'Cancer Culture' is the first song from the album, we decided that this would be the perfect way to introduce you to new music. It is the album's opening chapter, and you know, what you can expect."

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

decapitated new album
Cover Artwork by Fabio Timpanaro


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