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Decibel Tour 2024: A Tour De Force of Metal's Strongest Contemporaries

Hulder, Worm, Devil Master, & Necrofier reigned from Los Angeles with a showcase that speaks highly of black and death metal's modern strengths.

worm band, death doom, decibel tour 2024, black metal.
Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Text, Photos by Ekaterina Gorbacheva ( at

The Echoplex in Los Angeles on February 23, 2024:

It's become redundant at this point to mention the abundance of quality bands (and releases) that are delivering on a constant basis these past few years. A simple visit to Bandcamp's "best-selling" categories would prove that, due in part to the significant role that underground labels, like 20 Buck Spin and Relapse Records, play in discovering and pushing talent to the masses. The 2024 edition of the annual Decibel Magazine Tour stood as a byproduct of the aforementioned growth, bringing acts of the talented caliber of Hulder, Worm, Devil Master, and Necrofier to venues across North America. Among those was The Echoplex in Los Angeles, where we managed to document the special occasion.

Opening the night was Texas black metal outfit Necrofier, who we unfortunately missed due to LA traffic and parking issues. The band continue to celebrate the standout release that was Burning Shadows in the Southern Night (2023), which capitalizes on its use of Southern atmospheres to emphasize its American-centric take on the genre.

From Necrofier we went to Worm's slow-burning madness, a madness so expansive and diabolically exquisite. Gloomy dark blue lights contrasted the brief shadows that mastermind Phantom used to command the crowd.

worm band, death doom, decibel tour 2024, black metal.
Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Corpse-painted in shades and a black cloak besides a draped high table with a skull as a centerpiece, Worm's blackened death doom was as much of a visual feast as it was a musical one. This is a band every bit intentional about their visual identity, as seen in the diverse merch spread influenced by vintage Cradle of Filth designs. Though relatively brief, tracks like Ravenblood allowed the band to excel in grand fashion with Phil Tougas solos and blood-curling growls that reverberated throughout the sold-out venue. Not only is Worm among the best bands on the 20 Buck Spin roster, but they're among the best bands in the death metal/doom genre, period. For good reason, the band's split with Dream Unending, Starpath (2023), was universally accepted.

Scroll through below to see their greatness for yourself.

Worm Photo Gallery

Speed kills and Devil Master know it. The Philadelphia band's black metal and punk concoction is downright electric and their showmanship reflected it as riffs flew, galloping drum patterns, and solos filled the room. Ecstasies​ ​of Never Ending​ ​Night (2022) continues to shine throughout the tour, uplifting a band fast-rising in their trajectory through the ranks. This is a band committed to their work ethic, never slowing down in the live performance area and pushing themselves further compositionally speaking.

Devil Master Photo Gallery

With an energy through the roof and merch lines that remained long as the night went on, the evening's headliner, Hulder, stormed on amidst blood red lights. The band's latest album, Verses In Oath, hit shelves this past February via 20 Buck Spin and proves to be as a grand in the live setting as its studio recording. Melodies soared, as did their tremolo-picked riffs and great sense of scope. Heads were swinging, bodies were moving, and one random crowd-surfer managed to hop on stage and come crashing down into the enthusiastic crowd.

hulder, hulder black metal.
Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Heads were swinging and all who stood in proximity to the stage were locked into the strong black metal prowess on display. Hulder's epic prose is earning its flowers, and a headlining slot on one of this year's strongest touring bills (yet) is a sure fire way to augment the well deserved acclaim.

Hulder Photo Gallery


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