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Japan's DEFILED deliver old school death with "Infinite Regress"

Season of Mist kicks off the year with a bang.

Photograph by Shigenori Ishikawa

Whether it be on the front of Divine Intervention (1994), Upon The Throne of Apocalypse (1995), or Chainsaw Dismemberment (1999), the art of Wes Benscoter is recognizable anywhere. The legendary artist defined death metal covers with gruesome depictions decades ago and continues to do so now, this time on behalf of the Japan's DEFILED. The unit have set January 24, 2020 as the release date for the mighty slab of crushing slab of old school death metal that is Infinite Regress, out via Season of Mist.

DEFILED comment of the release:

"The day has finally come! We are so incredibly proud to announce our new record, 'Infinite Regress.' The album will be out on 24th Jan 2020 via our home of Season of Mist. Please give a listen to our first official premiere song 'Tragedy' and we hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers!"

Proud they should be of Infinite Regress, which is comprised of 14 blood curling offerings from the likeness of AUTOPSY and SUFFOCATION. Now two decades into their existence, DEFILED continue to provide death metal the way it should be: brutal. Their new single Tragedy opens with an Eddie Van Halen-style guitar solo that then transitions into a pairing of blistering snares and hellish Hamada growls. This is the band at their best, delivering on all ends and contributing to the ongoing death metal renaissance.

Stream Tragedy below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Wes Benscoter


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