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DEVIL MASTER share versatile new single 'Shrines in Cinder'

One step closer to the sophomore effort with another taste of their musical craftsmanship.

devil master
Photograph by Cecil Shang Whaley

The April 29th release date of Ecstasies of Never Ending Night is nearly here and Devil Master have offered another glimpse at their expansive sonic palette in the form of new single, Shrines in Cinder. This beast alternates in pace and offers slow burning rage before propelling back into blackened punk splendor - a signature feat for the band. Each single has accentuated the significance of their sophomore record, but none quite like Shrines in Cinder, which showcases the talent and compositional maturity within the band's ranks. Those who will unexpectedly see the band open for My Chemical Romance are in for a show.

Stream Shrines in Cinder below and pre-order the record HERE.


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