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DISCARDED SELF shares new single 'Dance Upon The Dead'

Looming over listeners like The Black Catalogue cover it sports.

discarded self
Cover art by Thahir M. (The Black Catalogue)

One-person musical acts are gems among a flooded genre as each sonic element derives from one creative mind, speaking to the talent lying within the ranks. DISCARDED SELF, comprised of sole member Jarret Beach, does just that in the nature of a crushing sludge and doom metal, the likes of which is set to arrive on April 30th via Sarcophagus Recordings. The band's self-titled record comes well adorned by a towering Thahir M. (The Black Catalogue) cover illustration, looking down upon listeners who take on DISCARDED SELF's heavy riffs. Lead single Dance Upon The Dead will help lead the way.

Beach comments on the track:

“I’ve been watching a lot of serial killer movies for I don’t know, the last 25 years haha. I used those types of films for the inspiration of this song. This song was written coming from the perspective of a husband or father of a victim of a serial killer. It is clearly a revenge song, and describes the hate and rage that would be felt by the families of the victims. It’s a disgusting dive into that reality, and ends in a way that quenches the thirst of pure revenge.”

Stream Dance Upon The Dead below and pre-order your digital copy HERE.



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