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DOOMBRINGER announce new album 'Walpurgis Fires,' stream new track

Glorious Polish death metal.

DOOMBRINGER are set to release Walpurgis Fires, the follow-up to their debut record The Grand Sabbath (2014). The effort will release via Nuclear War Now! Productions digitally and on CD on March 7th with the vinyl LP version set to arrive on April 15th. In addition to the album announcement, the band are now streaming the new track Briceia Chant the Spells.

Influenced by both medieval literature and Polish folklore, Walpurgis Fires sees DOOMBRINGER ready to deliver a meticulous body of work fusing the subject matter with the band's intricate display of death metal. This is one record you'll want to keep an eye out for.

Tracklisting for Walpurgis Fires: 1. Into the Woodlands 2. Agenda del Aquelarre 3. Sworn to Malice 4. Samhain Melancholia 5. Stupor Infernal 6. Briceia Chant the Spells 7. Unnatural Acts of Flying 8. Walpurgis

Stream the new track Briceia Chant the Spells on Bandcamp and enjoy the incredibly detailed cover art below.

Cover art by Marko Marov


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