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DRAAGYN delivers big with debut EP 'Bent Rib'

LA's multi-instrumentalist astounds with a multi-faceted taste that paves a proper path.

Draagyn, 2022

On August 26th, Draagyn made a remarkable first step in her musical trajectory in the form of Bent Rib — a 3-track EP that carries great depth for those keen on a unique listening experience. Establishing a fine balance between two opposite extremes in a seamless, cohesive manner is no easy feat, but it's here that Draagyn excels as she allows moments of serenity to coexist among vocal aggression. Throughout its 6 minutes, Appetite of Man shape shifts from a slow-burning number to a hard-hitting, melody driven affair that soars with Draagyn's vocal versatility. Beating Heart Cadaver treads down the same unconventional structures, though through much more blackened features that showcase a darker side of her arsenal while the title track takes a gentler turn through a piano and synth laden approach. Each offering is a fresh of breath air that warrants repeated listens to fully grasp its qualities.

Bent Rib is but a taste of what's to come from a full-length recording, a recording that will allow Draagyn to explore her wealth of influence in ways that remain true to her boundless musical persona.

Stream Bent Rib below and stay tuned for more on Draagyn.


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