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DRYAD share title track to new album 'The Abyssal Plain'

Inching closer to a blood-curling release with an atmospheric offering.

Photograph by Zak Neumann

It's release week for Iowa City's Dryad — a black metal group honed in on developing a shape-shifting body of work that taps into themes of supernatural and psychological horror. It all arrives on January 20th via Prosthetic Records, but until then, we've been given another new offering, that being the menacing title track.

Dryad comments on the single:

"Our fourth single finds us sinking down the floor of the Abyssal Plain itself at last. A realm where creatures of the void reign supreme, and the light above is naught to be found. The title track to the album revels in its gloom, a shock of Cimmerian shade that welcomes the listener to the kingdom of darkness with delight. Filled with layers of horror-score synthesizers to dizzy your ears into delirium, the Abyssal Plain is the point beyond rationality, of having to descend in order to ascend once more - of creating a light in the seemingly endless dark."

Stream the title track below and pre-order The Abyssal Plain.

Cover Artwork by Nightmare Imagery


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