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ELDER present new album 'Omens' + stream lead single

Elevating the power of doom to intricate new heights.

Photograph by Gaël Matthieu

Those who can master the art of psychedelic rock are few and far in between given the musical intellect it pushes one to strive for. Leave it to ELDER, who's discography represents a musical evolution worth basking in, to set the standard for the heavy subgenre in ways that only the most creative of minds can come to meet. Today, the quartet unveil the next chapter in their psychedelic reign with Omens, set to arrive on April 24th via Armageddon Shop.

The 54-minute composition is wonder is led by today's arrival of Embers, the first single released in anticipation of the release. Jazz-infused song structures, beautiful guitar melodies, and the band's signature riffs encompass this first offering, setting the path for a fantastic release to come. Let Embers take you on a journey through lush atmospheres as you indulge in the crisp and heavy production.

Frontman Nick DiSalvo comments on the new album:

“Embers is doubtless one of the most energetic and upbeat songs Elder has ever made, and really became the favorite to play while rehearsing to record Omens.

It’s maybe the least traditionally heavy track from the record, but it’s certainly dense. Lots of interlocking guitar and bass lines, keyboards, synthesizer solos (thanks to our friend Fabio Cuomo!) – you can hear that we had plenty of fun making this album. Like any Elder song, it’s best heard in contest, and we’re excited to release the full record soon!”

Stream Embers below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Adrian Dexter


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