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EMMA RUTH RUNDLE shares new video for 'The Company'

A moving visual to the heartfelt track from the songwriter's latest gem.

emma ruth rundle
Photograph by Cintamani Calise

If you've read our review of Engine of Hell, then you're well aware of the power riding within each line and melancholic melody of Emma Ruth Rundle's songcraft. It's a year-end contending effort worth basking in and today, Rundle shares a new self-directed video for album standout The Company. The track, which touches the soul with heartwarming grace, is brought to life as our protagonist frolics around the Isle of Skye, seemingly carefree before a face paint reveals otherwise.

Rundle comments:

“I dreamed this visual poem about innocence of the spirit, sadness and the dark deceiver I spend my life trying to run from. Or is it a friendly entity? What does it mean? Upon waking - I acquired the equipment and made a plan to film it. I enlisted the help of my dear friend, Blake Armstrong, who helped shoot and plays part in the video as well. It was edited by Brandon Kahn. Written, directed and shot by me.”


Stream The Company below and order your copy of the record HERE via Sargent House.

emma ruth rundle
Cover Photograph by George Clarke


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