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ERRA announce new 'self-titled' album

Technicality meets grandiosity on the progressive metalcore unit's new composition.

Photograph by Aaron Marsh

Alabama's ERRA look to continue the upward momentum caused by their craftsmanship with today's announcement of their forthcoming, self-titled full-length. Arriving on March 19th via UNFD, ERRA's new outing bridges reflective lyricism centered on depression and anxiety, touching on Aokigahara (Japan's infamous suicide forest) and harnessing from the literary works of Cormac McCarthy and Hubert Selby Jr. To pair well with said themes, Jesse Cash and co. welcome listeners to riff central, Take lead single Divisionary for a spin and brace for a beast of an upcoming record.

ERRA frontman Jesse Cash comments on the track:

“It’s a song about our relationship to technology. The song is pretty on the nose and intentionally a bit tongue-in-cheek. It creates a sort of campy parallel between our phones and religion. In the song, technology is God and we are all zealous fanatics of the service it provides, which is distraction from our immediate realities, which is presence.”

Stream Divisionary below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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