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Shots From The Road: Explosions In The Sky in San Francisco

The moving performance, captured in slow shutter amidst an engaged Warfield.

explosions in the sky, explosions in the sky the end tour.
Photograph by Vanessa Caron-Cantin

Text, Photos by Vanessa Caron-Cantin (@xvanx) at

The Warfield in San Francisco, CA on January 30, 2024:

Last year's release of The End (via Temporary Residence Limited) prove that the creative juices are flowing as stronger than ever for Explosions In The Sky — an ensemble defining the art of a heartfelt, boundless composition. With instruments alone, the band's talents fill the room and speak volumes about the power of music, as evident on their ongoing The End Tour. The trek hit The Warfield in San Francisco on a breezy Tuesday night, packing the rows and towering over those present with a wall of sound commencing with Ten Billion People — a standout offering from the latest album.

Obscure but never hidden amongst the low lights, Explosions In The Sky were radiant throughout, letting melodies soar amidst the immersive atmospheres they so carefully develop throughout. Fan favorites such as Your Hand In Mine & Greet Death shined bright amidst the enthusiasm of the crowd, many of who were left breathless by the closing minutes of each track's mysticism.

explosions in the sky, explosions in the sky the end tour.
Photograph by Vanessa Caron-Cantin

Backlights turned from vivid purples to moody blues, shifting with each track's driving tone. Magic Hours and more filled the room and left many in a pensive stasis possibly only with musicianship as profound as theirs.

No matter where you entered the band's historic timeline, The End Tour pleased fans both new and old with a showing reflective of the heartfelt investment in their craft. Hearts were touched, bodies were swayed, and the evening's attendees were left in awe at the post-rock act for the ages. Only few dates remain on the celebratory tour, so head below for tickets and a photo gallery from the special performance in anticipation.

Explosions In The Sky (Tickets)

Feb 6 – Kansas City, MO

Feb 7 – Oklahoma City, OK

Feb 8 – Tulsa, OK

Explosions In The Sky Photo Gallery


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