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Filipino black metallers OMENFILTH to release new album 'Devourer of the Seven Moons'

Based on an ancient mythological entity.

Cover art by David Fogg

OMENFILTH, who hail from the Philippines, are set to release their third full length Devourer Of The Seven Moons on April 12th, 2019 via Eternal Death. The 10-track effort will come bundled with three bonus tracks: a cover of VULCANO's Bloody Vengeance and live recordings of Equinox Of Evil and Fading Embers Of A Dying Era from the band's 2016 album Opus Sanguinarium.

This raw black metal entity aims to stray from the war metal themes often association with bands from the same country and delve deeper into the traditional sound of the cold and frigid genre. Devourer Of The Seven Moons finds the band's full palette on display, merging melody, fury, and speed for a multilayered sonic assault. Take that musical cohesiveness and add lyrical themes of an ancient Filipino mythological entity known as Bakunawa, aka "The Devourer Of The Seven Moons," and you have yourself a complete package.

In addition to announcing a new full length, the band have shared the new single The Embrace of Solitude. They comment:

"This song is a bit more melodic than anything we have previously written - it was put together by guitarist Von Necroticus when he was suffering from a depression and that comes through in the material. In a weird way, it reminds us of old Moonspell. This release is a definitive step in our career and we all think it is very strong album."

Devourer Of The Seven Moons Tracklisting:

1. The Dictate Of Morbid Hegemony

2. Summon The Beast Of Damnation

3. The Embrace Of Solitude

4. Devourer Of The Seven Moons

5. Bakunaua Ex Inferis

6. Seared By The Flames Of Bawo

7. Negare Omnis Vitas

8. Bloody Vengeance (Vulcano Cover)

9. Equinox Of Evil (Live)

10. Fading Embers Of A Dying Era (Live)

Stream The Embrace of Solitude on Bandcamp, where you can also put your pre-order in for what's expected to be a fantastic black metal release.


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