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FILTH IS ETERNAL share new single 'ZED'

Close your week with an exhilarating display of hardcore from the newly rebranded unit.


Transitioning from their initial Fucked and Bound moniker, Seattle's FILTH IS ETERNAL look to take the next step in their evolution, an evolution that has found them leveling stages across the globe with no mercy. Today, the band share the ruthless ZED as a standalone single that marks their new identity and sets the stage for an incoming full-length this summer via Quiet Panic (USA) and Church Road (UK/EU). If ZED is anything to go by, FILTH IS ETERNAL will cement themselves as a prominent force in the hardcore ranks, a feat not commonly achieved.

Vocalist Lisa Mungo comments on the name change:

“I've always believed that a transformative moment would hit during the lifespan of this outfit, but relegated these notions to the future tense. However, our collective experience over the past twelve plus months made it clear that the moment was presenting itself now.”

Stream ZED below and keep FILTH IS ETERNAL on your radar.



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