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Finland's BYTHOS present divine black metal on 'When Gold Turns Into Lead'

Hailing from the trio's impending debut record.

Photograph by Kristiina Lehto

There are certain countries where high caliber metal is already expected from, one being Finland. With BYTHOS announcing the release of their debut record The Womb of Zero, the country delivers once more. Arriving on April 24th via Terratur Possessions, The Womb of Zero commands with a melodic aggression known to the likes of DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM, and other greats who blend the two extremes with upmost precision.

To pave the path towards the release, BYTHOS present the lead single When Gold Turns Into Lead for our listening enjoyment. Tremolo picked riffs embody the effort as M.S. growls with the power from depths below. With the trio consisting of current and ex-members of BEHEXEN, SARGEIST, and DEMILICH, there's no surprise as to why this composition radiates pure satanic bliss.

Stream When Gold Turns Into Lead below and pre-order your copy of this beast HERE.

Cover art by Kristiina Lehto


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