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FIT FOR A KING announce new album 'The Hell We Create' + share lead single

The band's most personal record yet is a moving composition of reflection.

fit for a king
Photograph by Dana Willax

With a striking Corinne Alexandra cover photograph as introduction, the latest Fit For A King album cycle commences. The band's new album, The Hell We Create, arrives on October 28th via Solid State Records, just in time for the second leg of their fall tour with I Prevail, Pierce The Veil, and Stand Atlantic. New single End (The Other Side) soars with heartfelt vocal melodies and instrumentation that showcase some of the best Fit For A King output thus far. It's an emotional endeavor that many will connect to, and rightfully so given its foundation.

Frontman Ryan Kirby comments:

"'End (The Other Side)' is one of the most personal songs I have ever written, lyrically. This song is about my wife's near-death experience, after having a stroke, and how the experience not only showed me how unprepared I was to lose her, but also how unprepared I am to face death. I am fortunate to have not dealt with much death in my life, but I learned, in the end, that death comes for us all."

Kirby adds:

"It is a reflection of the events that happened throughout the pandemic. In short, my wife and I adopted children and had to homeschool them. She almost died from a stroke. The Hell We Create is by far the deepest and most personal record we've ever written."

Stream End (The Other Side) below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

fit for a king
Cover Artwork by Corinne Alexandra


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